Monday, June 27, 2011

Can bitter lemonade still make a happy family?

"J" is taking on a whole new interest in food.  In some of the pictures you will see her three year old hands doing the work; mashing the bananas, squeezing the lemons or mixing the sugar solutions.  I'm probably breaking child labor laws but she voluntarily participates.  She even vacuums but that is another post.  Occasionally I will catch her eating whatever we are making or shopping for.  Just the other day she was eating raw kale while we shopped!

Yesterday, while "N" was running errands,  we made homemade lemonade.  The recipe calls for approx. 1/2 cup (24 teaspoons) of sugar...being the anti sugar dad we added 5 teaspoons.  Yes it was BITTER but you would have never known based on "J's" reaction.  Being a beautiful southern California day we decided to drink it on the front porch.  While sipping she glowed with pride.  When "N" got home from errands "J" told her how she squeezed (and ate) the lemons, mixed the sugar, added the ice...and this morning when "J" finished the last glass over lunch she asked when we were going to make some more.

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