Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eastbound and Down - Eating on the Road

So my friend S.P. Jr is trying the primal diet.  Challenge for him is his work environment - a newer Kenworth Semi truck and away from home about a week at a time.

Indian Truck

Don't feel too bad though, his new truck is pimped out - XM radio, GPS, AC.  Instead of an ice chest he has a fridge...instead of cooking food on the engine manifold he has a toaster oven. He has internet access through an air-card and a laptop for movies.  He just needs to find a small grill to secure to the back of the truck chassis.  With his travels east of the Mississippi, and mainly in the North East, I suggested he figure out a way to take his mountain bike so he could ride during his mandatory breaks.  Geez, to have to bike in Vermont or Maine.

We just talked about the challenge to maintain a clean (primal) diet on the road.  So here is a list of food items and menu ideas to help him (and any of us when we travel) when we have an ice chest and access to fire/toaster oven.  Ironically Mark's Daily Apple post today was about diet while traveling.  Until S.P. Jr gets a portable grill figured out I suggested he find a park with bbq grills and pre-cook for a day or two.

Steak seasoning salt
Butter (everything tastes better with butter)
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar

Steak (oh a ribeye or three) (cook in toaster over or on bbq)
Bacon (precooked is a quick snack but full of nitrates - cook own on bbq or toaster oven)
Zuchini (slice into french fries shapes and cook in toaster oven at 400, cover in butter and salt)
Sweet Potato (same as zuch)
Eggplant (in toaster oven or grill - cook with butter)
Bag of pre washed salad or spinach (oil, balsamic, salt, pepper for seasoning) + Sliced steak
Cheese crumbled (blue or feta to add to salad)
Dried cranberried (just a few on the salad)
Almonds - raw
Almond butter
Applies (slathered in almond butter)
Block of cheese (I've been on a spicy cheese kick lately)
Cream cheese (mix some blue cheese into for a celery spread)
Salsa (pour on cream cheese and eat with celery)
Celery (cream cheese and almond butter)
Hard boiled eggs
Carrots (raw and in salad)
Roasted chicken (stripped off bones and bagged)
Red/Green/Yellow Peppers
Green Onions (in salad or grilled or toaster oven)
Tortillas (burrito size - yes it is flour but a wrap once a day isn't going to hurt the diet - stuff with meat, cheese, sliced veggies, avocado, salsa)
Heavy whipping cream (for coffee)

Tongs (for grill, toaster oven or bbq)
Briquets (lighter fluid free)
Paper towels
Ziploc Bags
Tupper ware
Round shaker to make oil/vinegar dressing (add garlic cloves, basil, onion, cheese etc to your dressing)
Small cutting board

Meal 1: (Toaster oven)
1 Ribeye topped with blue cheese or butter
1 Sweet Potato and 1 Zuch
1 Raw Carrot

Meal 2:
Bag of salad
Sliced hardboiled eggs
Crumbled cheese
a couple dried cranberries
chopped carrot/zuch/peppers/green onion

Meal 3:
Roasted chicken
Burrito wrap

Meal 4: (BBQ)
Grilled veggies (season with olive oil, salt n pepper)
Grilled meat
Grilled peaches
Grilled avocado

Almond butter (out of jar) or mixed with apples
Extra shot of whipping cream in coffee
Celery with cream cheese

If you need help creating some meals let me know in the comments below and I will add some more ideas.

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